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Flare’s new blog.

I have started up a new blog, since this one is dead.

I hope you enjoy: Flare’s Choice


Devil may care

These beautiful (Urm..) heads were made by Sir Nadroj over on Mocpages, click HERE to see more pics!
The Devil May Care



















Black ARF Trooper!

May the Fourth promotion 2011, originally uploaded by hmillington.

For LEGO’s May the Fourth promotion 2011, they’re giving away a free rare black ARF trooper fig with an order of $75 or more! Head over to the online LEGO shop and go buy yourself some Laygoes!

The Sleeping Demon Beast Awakens

It looks like someone woke this guy up on the wrong side of the bed! This incredible angry statue is only a small part of an incredible Atlantis diorama built by “Captain Spaulding”… please go check out the rest by clicking on the picture and looking around the set!

Arealight producing Trans-Clear helmets!


Crystal helmets, originally uploaded by Arealight.

It looks like Arealight will be making some trans-clear helmets soon, it looks like its a good time to make an order!

They will be released on April 17th, and they’ll only be a little more expensive than the other non-printed ones.


SW Funny Grandma, originally uploaded by George G. – woop!.

Some SERIOUS Pharaoh’s Quest!

Mission Completed., originally uploaded by ArzLan.

Some MOCers have obviously gone through a TON of time to built an incredibly accurate Ancient Egypt diorama… huge! It even has the Sphinx and a huge Pyramid. Wow! This would be awesome to see in real life.

The King’s Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase (different angle), originally uploaded by eilonwy77.

Katie, also known as Eilonwy77, from Flickr has built this amazing creation using her insane mosaic techniques… its pretty insane, if you ask me!