About Us

First off we’d like to thank you for taking a look around our blog. We really appreciate it and we’ve taken off since we started way back when in December 2009.

Flare is one of the founders of Just Brickin’ It. He is a respected TFOL builder that you can find most everywhere, but he is most active on MOCpages and the Brick Hope. He builds in a variety of themes, but is known for his interesting Underwater scenes and his Mars vignettes.

Masked Builder is the other founder of Just Brickin’ It. He spends more of his time over on Flickr, but is also active on Eurobricks and you can find him occasionally on MOCpages. He focuses more on Star Wars, and his midi-scaled SW ships hold many in awe.

Muffinman is just a normal guy we picked off the street. Just kidding 😛 He is a good friend in real life of Flare and Masked Builder, I have no clue what he builds 😛

Nathan B is another TFOL builder from MOCpages.

Swift is a cool YFOL builder that you’ve probably never heard of, but he is a good blogger, trust me!

Freeling is a TFOL builder who has returned to help us out with the blog, he used to be a member (but retired) and now he’s back! He’ll be posting some cool stuff soon.

Want to give us some feedback, tell us what you like and don’t like? Tell us in the form below!

Thanks for viewing and hope to see you sometime soon!

~Flare & Masked Builder


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