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Series 5 Collectible Minifigure Review on Eurobricks!

Whitefang of Eurobricks, just posted this review of the Series 5 minifigures! Boy they look gorgeous!


Alien Conquest 7050 Set Review!

Over on Eurobricks it looks like some dudes are getting some sets early… check out sidersdd’s review of 7050!

CIS Hanger Diorama

This awesome Hanger Diorama by Davor Davor is quit the accomplishment. From the tiled floor to the working lights Davor did a great job.
Here are his statistics:
Dimensions:1.15m x 38 cm x 30 cm
144 studs long
Bricks used:cca. 4500-5000
Tiles used: over 1000
Electric V9 system – light

Brick on!

Set Review: 8091 Republic Swamp speeder

Rufus over at Eurobricks has done a very nice review of the Swamp Speeder.

Brick on!
(as always picture is link)

New Promo Sets

While I’m sure most of you have already seen these sets I thought I’d fill you in on what I could gather about them.

These two Star Wars sets are rumored to be Brickmaster sets.


Republic Attack Shuttle.

These three Atlantis sets are rumored to be sets for the UK.

Mini sub.



(Pictures are links to instructions)

Custom Star Wars Figures

The Peguin over at Eurobricks has constructed some very good Star Wars figures. These commando droids are only a small sample of his very good work.

(Update 1/8/10)

These Clone Airborne troopers were made by Jasbrick on Flicker. Very good. I want to know where he got those guns?

(pictures are links)

Republic Gunship Nose Art

Some wonderful Republic Gunship nose art by Rayman over at Eurobricks. He also has a post on FBTB but I couldn’t find it. As he said it look just like Legos.

And here’s the full sticker sheet.

He also posted his current work in progress. Good again!


Set Reviews

The members over at Eurobricks have been very busy posting reviews of 2010 sets. Pictures are links.

And now the Freeco Speeder!

Brick on!