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Harry Potter Years 5-7 Coming Soon

Voldemort looks evil... A second Harry Potter game is going to be released around Christmas time, the game covering the last years of the books. Cheers!~Swift


10218 Pet Shop… released NEXT TUESDAY!?!!?

Well folks, it seems that I was slightly off in my recent post about the 10218 Pet Shop. It is not being released in August, instead we only have to wait for a few days, until May 10th! I’m quite excited about this news! I recommend you check out Tazmandvl11’s photostream because he has lots of pictures of the set.

(For more information about the set please check out my recent post here)

10218 Pet Shop

Finally some photos of the upcoming Modular Building have been leaked!

10218 Pet Shop – $150 USD – August 2011

It looks interesting, with two smaller buildings put together, on the left it looks like a building that people live in? And on the right is, of course, the Pet Shop. I am disappointed though, I don’t see that many animals. One kitten, one dog, and one parrot doesn’t seem to be enough. I guess we’ll see when better pictures are released.

10221-1 UCS Super Star Destroyer

Feel your wallet draining? :)

The ship you all know (and some of you love) is going to be released in the near future. Some new pieces, like Dengar’s head wrap etc. Enjoy and save up! ( Oh, and it is HUGE, roughly 1.224 meters, or 4 feet) Cheers!~Swift

More high-res photos

Nice aliens!

The tech blog Gizmodo has released some nice pictures of the Summer Sets. Cheers!~Swift

Anyone up for highly detailed pictures of Summer sets?

From Bricks to the Bothans’ Flickr stream has thousands of detailed pictures of ALL of the new Summer sets… Star Wars, Alien Conquest, PotC, Cars, and the rest!

New figures
Check them out here!

2011 Star Wars Summer Set Pictures

The lovely new Republic Frigate is just one of the six new Star Wars set being released in July this year. See the other pictures on Brickset.

2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar

Hehe… Santa Yoda 😀

Here is the 2011 Advent Calendar… in Star Wars style! It will be released in the end of this year (2011), around Christmas time. We have 5 figures, a droid pilot, Nute Gunray, Chewie, a Clone Pilot, and SANTA YODA! Yay.

Thanks to the Clone News