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Nintendo 3DS

A Nintendo 3DS

This Nintendo 3Ds was made by ape the monkey and is remarkably good and accurate! see his  Mocpages site here


1865 Peacemaker

The Peacemaker

This gun is Patrick L.’s first gun to make in lego. It is very accurate and holds a lot of beauty, especially in the chrome pieces!  Click here  to see more of Patrick’s creations!

In the Near Future There Will be Ninjas

Its true!

Collectible Figures Series 5

Forget about Series 4! Heres some pictures of the even more amazing Series 5!

Wow!! Tell us which ones are your favorites.

…as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!

WOW! MTV has released amazing pictures of the 8 upcoming PotC sets! Check them all out here!


General Grievous’ Upgrade

spacepilot3000 on Eurobricks made this awesome upgrade to General Grievous – working light-up lightsabers! Ingenious man. Great work spacepilot3000.



This good looking fellow was built by Sir Nadroj. Very accurate and all of the parts are completely official! Click the picture to see some more pictures.

This means war!

Preparing for siege, originally uploaded by Glory_Forever.

Glory Forever brings us this awesome “diagonal” MOC (this is what I call them when they do it at a 45 degree angle to the bricks)

The water is very impressive, made almost completely from 1×1 trans-green tiles!!

Check it out by clicking on the picture!