2011 Sets now available on LEGO Shop@Home

Here are the brand new sets now available for order (as long as you order soon!)

6136 My First Zoo
5678 Policeman
5679 Police Bike
5683 Market Place
5763 Dune Hopper
8065 Mini Container Truck
8066 Off-Roader
8067 Mini Mobile Crane
8068 Rescue Helicopter
8069 Backhoe Loader
2063 STORMER 2.0
2065 FURNO 2.0
2067 EVO 2.0
2068 NEX 2.0
2141 SURGE 2.0
2142 BREEZ 2.0
3661 Bank & Money Transfer
7869 Battle for Geonosis (TM)
7913 Clone Trooper (TM) Battle Pack
7914 Mandalorian (TM) Battle Pack
7915 Imperial V-wing Starfighter (TM)
7929 The Battle of Naboo (TM)
7930 Bounty Hunter (TM) Assault Gunship
7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle (TM)
7499 Flexible Tracks
So order soon, because these babies won’t likely last long. LEGO Shop@Home


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