Lego City 2011

Yes, there are going to be more lego city in 2011. As usual they are releasing another police series that includes a station, a police dog unit, a police helicopter and a lot of other interesting things. But there is a new series coming out for Lego City; Space! This includes

*3365 Moon Buggy
*3366 Satellite Launch Platform
*3367 Space Shuttle
*3368 Rocket Station

These are rumoured to be released in March.

Other sets are:
*644 Marina
*4645 Harbour
*3661 Bank & Money Transfer
*3658 Police Helicopter
*3648 Police Chase
*7279 Police Minifigure Collection
*7285 Police Dog Unit
*7286 Prisoner Transport
*7287 Police Boat
*7288 Mobile Police Unit
*7498 Police Station
*7499 Flexible Rails

I can’t wait for them to come out!


About Nathan B

Hi, my name is Nathan and I have always love Lego. I just recently got back into lego when I found mocpages. I have been playing with lego since. I am new to this blog and you will be seeing me a lot more with time to come. View all posts by Nathan B

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