Trading Over Flickr: Good Or Bad?

I joined Flickr in February and when summer started I also started Trading some of my extra Lego’s for Star Wars minifigures. I gained about 60 minifigures in about three months. While that was a good thing, there were also some difficult things about trading. I was supposed to receive several items in the mail but because of ripped packages some items were missing. One guy refunded me the other said he would but did not.* You also have to be wary of Scammers.

This picture from Slayerdread show about how many trade groups there are.

As you can see there are quite a few and I wish there were less. Working out deals also sucks up a LOT of time. I was really happy with the trades that were completed. And got several of the rarer figures. Including Zam Wessell. I also enjoyed getting to know some of the people I was trading with.

I hope this helps anyone who might be considering trading over Flickr or over the internet in general. I’m always willing to answer questions so ask away!

*I mean no offense to anyone


One response to “Trading Over Flickr: Good Or Bad?

  • Demian

    Talking about trading, on Eurobricks, didn’t you want to trade a Chrome C3po for a Chrome Darth Vader, or something like that? I need a C3po to about 100 too.

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