Brick Blog’s First Month!

Hi Folks! The Brick Blog’s first month was just completed yesterday!

Here are some stats:
51 posts
3 subscribers
3,581 total views
Wednesday, December 23rd was our busiest day with 312 views!

Our top posts are:
1st Place: LEGO Star Wars Summer 2010 by Commander Flare – it has 1,753 views – which is almost half of our total views!

2nd Place: 2010 Freeco Speeder by Michael Davadilla – it has 119 views…

3rd Place: 2010: New Star Wars Battlepacks by Commander Flare – it has 97 views, it has both of the new hoth battlepacks.

4th Place: 8091 Swamp Speeder by Masked Builder – it has 95 views… very nice pictures!

That was the summary of our first month! Lets see lots more posts coming soon! 😀


COOL CUSTOMS! Look at previous post.



About Ben - Flare

Ben, also known as Flare, is a long time fan and builder of LEGO, and is here to bring it to the next level. On Flickr, he is known as Ben Unleashed, but everywhere else is known as Flare, hence the name of the blog. View all posts by Ben - Flare

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