BrickArms – new minifigs, weapon packs, and MORE!

Welcome back folks! I have collected quite a bit of great info for your hungry LEGO eyes!! I’m going to start off with the new minifigures BrickArms just released!!

1: Outlaw Leader ($25, backordered)

This dude is very cool, plus he includes a new prototype gun, the Gatling Gun. Hope to see this sometime during the beginning of 2010! On to the show…

2: Outlaw ($20, backordered)

2 new weapons this time! A prototype sawnoff shotgun, and some timed dynomite! Wow! If this wasn’t backordered, I might consider getting this dude. 😉

3: Undercover Deputy ($20, backordered)

Don’t mess with this gal! She has 2 prototype guns, this time the Derringer and the M1917! 😛

4: Transparent weapon packs ($25)

These would be fun to have! Only $25, this includes all 34 weapons in the transparent color of your choice: green, red, blue, or clear.

5: New 2010 Weapons???

I have accumulated a list of possible weapons for 2010! Here they are:

Brodie Helmet
M1917 Revolver
Photon Pistol
Needle Gun
Energy Pistol
Plasma Blade
P08 Luger
Timed Explosive
Sawed-off Double Barreled Shotgun
GlaiveHigh Caliber Sniper Rifle
Longslide Pistol
Claymore Sword
MP44 Vampir

Again, none of these are official so all of these or none of these may be released in 2010. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for viewing!

May the bricks be with you,



About Ben - Flare

Ben, also known as Flare, is a long time fan and builder of LEGO, and is here to bring it to the next level. On Flickr, he is known as Ben Unleashed, but everywhere else is known as Flare, hence the name of the blog. View all posts by Ben - Flare

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