Mark Kelso’s INCREDIBLE Invisible Hand

One of the most popular creations on MOCpages — the Invisible Hand, by Mark Kelso, one of the two moderators on MOCpages.

This creation is a whopper! This baby is 231 studs long and weighs a whopping 30 pounds! Now I call that a creation! This is an extremely detailed creation, using thousands and thousands of pieces. It is extremely similar to the Invisible Hand in the movies, and it is so large that it would dwarf any lego set in existence.

A close up on some details: here we see the engines on the rear end of the ship… look at all those details!! This MOC is the best ship I have ever seen. EVER. Mark Kelso is very, very talented.

Here is a size comparison, including the massive ship and the talented Mark Kelso. Wow, I’m sure he is very proud of this beauty! This thing is approximately 4 times as long as the Venator-class Attack Cruiser LEGO set. Not suprisingly, this creation has over 4,000 ‘I like it’s. Wow, good job Mr. Kelso!

Thanks all,


P.S. Again, you can see Mark’s creation HERE


About Ben - Flare

Ben, also known as Flare, is a long time fan and builder of LEGO, and is here to bring it to the next level. On Flickr, he is known as Ben Unleashed, but everywhere else is known as Flare, hence the name of the blog. View all posts by Ben - Flare

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